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Nardia AVI NARDIA - KAPAP Academy : Seminar in ITALY Venezia. by ITALYKICKBOXING YouTube Fighting Sports, Martial Arts,. KAPAP is the kapap avi nardia system founded by Major Avi Nardia, who kapap avi nardia was commissioned to write up the program which many Special Forces adopt, such as the Israeli Special Forces, Yamam and many elite kapap avi nardia units around the world.

KAPAP Combat Concepts Book. Avi Nardia spent 24 years of reserve service in the Israeli Defense Forces and earned the rank of major. We are glad to share with you that during the last years our organization has grown exponentially in literally every continent. They both tested and re-tested the traditional and historical ways of doing things (in KAPAP and other Israeli systems), kept what works and left out the kapap avi nardia rest! This is a practical and realistic self defense video developed and instructed by Major Avi Nardi.

Notably, KAPAP minimizes the need for either strength or power on the part of the KAPAP kapap avi nardia practitioner in taking action to protect themselves or their kapap avi nardia loved ones. Teaching has been, and continues to be, a rewarding experience for Sam. Moshe Feldenkriez RIP been also from first Israeli Martial Artist and post books and as Avi Nardia reserch KAPAP and visted in Mishel Horovitz kapap avi nardia RIP home in Heftziva Kibutz he was handed by Mishel Horovitz that was head Instructor for KAPAP to the Palmah in kapap avi nardia old kapap days KAPAP and he show Avi Nardia few Manuel Books he used and avi than Been in used and Including the bok by Moshe Feldenkries Practical Unarmed combat and some how many forget kapap avi nardia to mention the name Moshe Feldenkries kapap avi nardia but reserch show he was. In a special interview to Israel Hayom, Nardia discusses what makes avi a champion, and kapap avi nardia why he is an excellent ambassador kapap avi nardia for Israel in the world. Avi Nardia, founder of the Israeli martial art KAPAP, has taught all over the world, and his students range from slum children in Kenya to business tycoons. Hi All,I was cleaning my dojo a couple of days ago and I found several of my old hard drives. avi nardia (major res.

) martial arts instructor my swords school is the sword nardia of giving kapap avi nardia life school and when i started to teach combat, i noticed that many teach how to kill with a knife and explain the knife in the wrong way. View Video Sample on YouTube. Address: Unit 4 Aylsham Road Business Park, Aylsham Road, kapap Norwich NR3 2AD.

Join the world’s leading authority on kapap avi nardia self defence practical martial arts. It is the original system of CQB, hand-to-hand combat and self-defense, employed by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). KAPAP kapap avi nardia was not designed as a belt ranking system, or to create new Masters and Grandmasters. KAPAP Books and DVDs: Kapap Combat Concepts: Martial Arts of the Israeli Special Forces.

Avi Nardia KAPAP self defence workshop, Barnsley, UK We kapap avi nardia are pleased to announce that Avi Nardia founder of kapap avi nardia modern day KAPAP will be visiting the UK. Avi Nardia is the co-author of the book and DVD set Kapap Combat Concepts, available for purchase in our online store. Photo 2: Avi Nardia teaching tactical firearms, kapap avi nardia New York. Col Chaim Pe&39;er he is heading today&39;s KAPAP combatives system as the leaders on International KAPAP Federation of Israel. you can kill with a stone. The fundamental aspects of Kapap, the martial arts system developed and utilized by Israeli special forces, are detailed in this handy manual.

In this video presented by Sergeant Jim Wagner, Major Avi Nardia, Israeli special forces and creator of c. Regular price . During the 1950&39;s and 1960&39;s when the Strategic Air Command (SAC)combat instructors trained aircrew personnel who manned the big bombers like the B-36, B-52, and B-58, we trained these airmen in kapap kapap avi nardia their flight suits and boots as well as in Judo Gis. The workshop will cover main CQB Close Quarter Combat, Knife and firearms defence and ground fighting. Avi Nardia Kapap Combatives is designed to save lives. What I particularly found interesting with Avi Nardia and Albert Timen&39;s Kapap training text is that it is reality based. Chaim Pe&39;er opened it up to the world together with Maj. Kapap Lotar Krav kapap Maga Panim el Panim DVD by Avi Nardia.

Avi Nardia – KAPAP Founder kapap avi nardia Major Avi Nardia (IDF Res. During these past four years, after having convinced Major Avi Nardia that he should go public with the KAPAP system, I have seen this obscure system go from a select few warriors in Israel to a popular martial arts system that has been steadily growing throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and even Japan. Avi Nardia is a martial artist, KAPAP, related to hand-to-hand combat system Lotar and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor.

Photo: Adam Mitchell. He will be teaching a two day workshop in Barnsley on 26th and 27th November. We are thankful to you, our dear students and instructors, for the great work and effort.

Teaching regular self defence classes and is a full member of the Avi Nardia Academy. Avi Sensei describes and demonstrates the most reliable and authentic skills of street-proven unarmed hand-to-hand avi combat methodology and personal defense. KAPAP focuses on principles and concepts, kapap avi nardia rather than techniques, thus distinguishing it from other systems. The KAPAP combatives system was kept only for the use of Israel&39;s top elite units until the late &39;90s, when Lt. This is a new qualification under the Avi Nardia Academy, which Andrew feels is very important because ‘if you are teaching firearms you should understand the risks involved’. Avi Nardia is a avi teacher of KAPAP and below you nardia will find KAPAP Books, DVDs, Knives produced or recommended kapap avi nardia by Avi Nardia for those who want to learn more about KAPAP and for those who wish to advance their training in KAPAP. KAPAP is the system founded by Major Avi Nardia, who was commissioned to write up the program which many Israeli special forces adopt, such as avi the Israeli Special Forces, Yamam and eventually many elite units around the world. Avi Nardia is a world reknowned martial artist.

Sensei Melker was looking for a teacher who could connect his love of martial arts kapap avi nardia kapap avi nardia with his heritage. Kapap Combatives Muay Thai Self Defense DVD with William Paardekooper. Authors Avi Nardia and Albert Timen have codified and taught this legendary system to civilians, martial artists, law-enforcement officers and military personnel around the world-and now kapap avi nardia YOU can incorporate kapap’s nardia versatility and adaptability into your own self-defense training. Being booked at present kapap avi nardia to the special forces and anti-terrorist teams. During his 24 years as a reserve officer, Avi Nardia (Major, IDF Res.

In kapap Part 2 of this article, find out how kapap avi nardia Avi Nardia&39;s experience with Carlos Newton changed the conceptual foundation of kapap and led to kapap techniques as they are. With his teacher Lt. Photo 3: Avi Nardia teaching Machado Brazilian Jiujitsu, Adam Dojo. He has taught martial arts to police agencies and military groups all over the world and operates the Avi Nardia Academy for martial arts. Find Similar Products by Tag Avi Nardia BJJ Israeli Jiu Jitsu Judo Jiu Jitsu Kapap knife defense Krav Maga Major Avi Nardia. Back then it was tough to upload videos nardia to YouTube since I did.

the knife is the most important tool for humans. KAPAP focuses on principles and concepts, rather than techinques, thus distinguishing it from other systems. He introduced Kapap to the United Kingdom and he was the first person authorized by Major Avi Nardia and Lt.

443 kapap avi nardia likes · 3 talking about this · 15 were here. It is a bridge between systems avi – a philosophy and a concept. Kapap or "face to face" is the original Israeli Armed Forces combat system, from which emerged many other kapap avi nardia arts like Krav Maga, Hisardut, etc.

​​​​​​​In, Sensei Melker met Avi Nardia, who is the founder of the Israeli Kapap system of self-defense. Avi Nardia Academy Italia Kapap Practical Martial Art. There are more kapap avi nardia than enough systems that do this. It is ok to train with rubber weapons but using something that is close to the real thing brings home a lot more focus and issues. By Major Avi Nardia.

Avi Nardia is as fraudulent as Moni Aizik. Chaim Pe&39;er and Avi Nardia. KAPAP is not a conventional system. we use it for our survival kapap avi nardia every day and with connecting to my personal history and way of.

Over the years Sam has taught and trained alongside Avi Nardia and began teaching KAPAP kapap in. You can join us on:. The defensive tactics, hand-to-hand combat moves, and self-defense methods that compose Kapap are all detailed, with special sections covering striking, grappling, pressure points, kapap avi nardia and weapon defense. ( Law Enforcement / KAPAP israeliano ). Kapap Asia Kapap Federation Asia is headed by Master Teo Yew Chye (Kapap Level 3 Instructor) and his training team on behalf of Major Avi Nardia and Lt. Welcome To Golden Eagle Defense.

For more information, visit his website at avinardia. Chaim Pe&39;er to open an authorized Kapap training center. KAPAP Krav Maga has evolved. While you may have fun nardia taking his classes, or classes from one of his instructors, unfortunately what you learn will get you killed in a real situation, much like what Moni Aizik teaches. KAPAP kapap avi nardia ACADEMY LLC Elite Israeli Self Defense Personal Protection and CQB Krav Panim El Panim - KAPAP is the Hebrew acronym for Face To Face Combat. Lavoro per la promozione del Kapap in Italia.

Based in Rooihuiskraal, Centurion, Instructor Hendrik Yzelle (2nd Dan Black Belt in Kapap Krav Maga under Major Avi Nardia) offers a variety of training solutions to help you defend yourself and others. Photo 1: Avi Nardia teaching KAPAP at Adam&39;s Dojo,. He takes great pride in being able to contribute and to facilitate others in their learning and development during his 15 years of teaching KAPAP. He has taught around nardia the world for decades and travels to clubs throughout Europe, the Americas and kapap avi nardia Asia to teach his own self defence martial art KAPAP.

INTERNATIONAL KAPAP FEDERATION of Israel under Lt. They have been training together ever since. ) served as an official hand-to-hand instructor kapap avi nardia and safety officer. Avi Nardia is a world reknowned martial artist. Viking KAPAP is a professional self defence school based in Norwich and Great Yarmouth.

) is one of the leading official instructors for the Israeli Army and Israeli Police in the field of Counter Terrorism and CQB (Close Quarters Battle).

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